Securing Your Investment

As an owner or manager of any of a business property, HOA, apartments, or convention, you need to keep your investment safe and secure as possible. While lighting and closed-circuit cameras can help to deter crime and vandalism, there is no better way to secure your property or event than with Rock Security. We supply Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada with patrols, security guards, and more to keep your event, property, or business as safe as possible.

See What Professional Security Can Do For You

The world is a dangerous place. As a business owner or manager you’re most likely searching for ways to keep your customers, employees, and assets safer. Professional security from a local company is the perfect approach to procuring peace of mind. Here are a few benefits of hiring a top-notch security company:


Simply put, uniformed protection will deter crime. Even if an audacious criminal decides to target one of our clients, they’ll be noticed. Guards are trained to spot suspicious behavior.

Handling Criminals

After identifying a criminal there are several options. The response from our guards depends on the wishes of that particular client. Would you like us to merely document and call the police? Or would you rather we detain the offender until police arrive? Our security experts are thoroughly trained in every response method. Clients can also choose whether or not they’d like an armed security guard service.


Guards can perform services other than patrolling. Keeping people out of restricted areas, video surveillance, and checking credentials can all be integrated into a client’s security service plan.

The Rock Security Difference

At Rock Security, we pride ourselves in being different than the competition. What sets us apart? Here is a partial list:

Contact us today if you need security. You’ll notice the difference immediately.