Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbery

It finally happened – a robbery at one of the Las Vegas Valley marijuana dispensaries.  Security has been a large part of the planning, awarding of permits and operation of of these dispensaries.  The target is just too tempting and new there would be an attempt at some point.

The dispensary that was robbed was robbed at gun point.  The robber got away with marijuana and cash, but no one was hurt during the incident.

This was not one of our clients, but as we are an authority on Medical Marijuana security, News 8 reached out to us for comment.  Our vice president, Steve Sammut was interviewed for a good portion of the afternoon but only a small segment was actually shown on the news.

The success of this attempt may encourage others to try.  Most of our clients have layouts that include ‘man traps’ which make their locations significantly more difficult as a target.  There are still some locations through the valley that are not set up this way and are particularly vulnerable.



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