Officer Training: Cultural Diversity

Rock Security Officers have the responsibility to treat all individuals with respect and dignity. This statement certainly applies to the client and the public, as well as your fellow officers. Today’s population and work force is diverse and complex. We are all living in a society, which is composed of men and women from all walks of life. It is incumbent upon all of us to respect one another’s backgrounds, religious beliefs and personal values. We must be ever mindful to treat all people with dignity and professionalism.

The following points are just a few areas that we need to be thinking of when dealing with others:

  • Recognize that more often than not, there are legitimate varied points of view to any topic
  • Make sure that your decisions when dealing with others are not based upon:


  1. Prejudices
  1. Preconceived attitudes and notions
  1. Stereotyping
  1. Personal appearance
  1. Individual bias


  • Remember to be a good listener. Are you really hearing what the other person is trying to communicate?
  • Don’t react to rumors or “hearsay” (third party communication)
  • Learn to be sympathetic
  • Be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others
  • Try not to let a bad experience affect your judgment or performance
  • Learn to control your own emotions
  • Don’t be influenced by others. Make your own decision based upon the facts of the event and the totality of the facts of the even and the totality of the circumstances.
  • Conduct yourself impartially, always within the guidelines of the law, as well as client and company client and company policy
  • Be sensitive and responsive
  • Demonstrating a compassionate and caring nature will aid you in forging successful relationships.
  • Have malice toward none and charity for all
  • Remember that truth is generally the vindication against slander.
  • Avoid conflict in the form of quarrels and arguments 
  • Compromise does not mean you’re weak.
  • Recognize that there are times when you should simply not speak
  • Speak in simple and familiar terms with people

Discrimination can be based in such areas as:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sexual Identity 
  • Occupation
  • Economic Background
  • Political Affiliations


Remember, each and every one of us falls into one of the above components and could be classified as a minority.

Rock Security Supervisors are to review and discuss the information in this bulletin with employees in a timely manner. Upon thorough review, the employee will sign and date the document, which in turn will be placed in his/her file. Employees should maintain a copy of the training information for further reference.

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