Unmatched Officers

Recruiting, training and keeping quality employees is a challenge for any business.  This is especially true in the security industry. Catch a glimpse of this process at work within our company by visiting the employee page.

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Our recruiting process has become one of our greatest assets. Our company is not the place for just any officer, in fact we hire a small percentage of those who apply for positions within our company. This has created an atmosphere of high expectations and high performance; those who cannot meet our expectations do not make it in our company. Having this culture in our company helps to weed out individuals before they even apply.


We believe in training. Every employee is encouraged to continually learn, practice and push themselves to the next level of performance. See more on our employee page. Employees go through a series of standard training modules that include video and written instruction, a written exam and a practical exam. The practical exam requires officers in Las Vegas to to competently demostrate proficiency at various related topics.

We provide advanced training and career training for every officer who has completed our standard officer training program. This allows officers to gain understand, experience and skills that will help them advance their careers.


Our strategy for keeping excellent employees is really a common sense program comprised of caring for the individuals, providing opportunities and education for them, and helping them achieve their career goals.

Many of our employees are pursuing careers related to but outside of the security industry. Even though we know we’ll eventually lose these employees, we work them to help them achieve these career objectives. By being loyal to our employees, treating them well, and helping them achieve their objectives we have seen them help us achieve ours. Many of our employees have turned down higher paying opportunities to stay with our company because of the way we treat them and the opportunities we introduce them to.

Officer Incentives

By hiring the right individuals in the first place, we find that our officers do not need to be motivated by outside means. However, we choose to reward our officers for their work within our organization.

Officers have the ability to earn points based on job performance and training that are good for paid time off, prizes and even an invitation to our annual company retreat. We also provide officers with points for donating time to one of our causes.