Controlled Pharmaceuticals

Our pharmaceutical security encompasses the physical security and access control of clients that deal with pharmaceuticals; the safe and secure transportation of pharmaceuticals; medical marijuana establishments; identification of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, the illegal diversion of legitimate pharmaceuticals; and the abuse of pharmaceuticals.

There are few organizations that can provide the comprehensive security services to the industry as well as Rock Security. We are a leader in dealing with this highly regulated industry.

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Pharmaceutical & Medical Marijuana Security

Physical Security

From providing standing security officers or, alarm response to vehicle patrols at your locations, we provided unmatched security of your facility. Our officers are trained to propoerly secure controlled substances and deal with virtually any situation that may arise at your location.


We provide secure, non-descript transportation of medicine and other controlled substances safely and reliably.

Medical Marijuana Establishments

We have become experts in this very specialized area of the industry. Each jurisdiction has very strict and specific requirements. Additionally, this is a highly politicized topic currently; we have experience in dealing with local city and county officials as well as local law enforcement. Our staff has worked with professionals in other states (California, Washington and Colorado) to develop a comprehensive understanding of the specify security requirements and nuances of the industry.

Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

We work with the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, the Food and Drug Administration, pharmaceutical manufacturers, the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center as well as local and federal law enforcement agencies to eliminate all counterfeit pharmaceuticals.

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