The Rock Security


Rock Security is not your typical security contractor, in fact we try very hard not to be. We have seen and dealt with some of the issues which plague our industry – and we’ve come up with some innovative solutions to those issues. Our use of technology, our concern for our employees, and career paths for security officers have proven to be successful in creating a unique environment allowing us to provide superior service. A quick tour of our website will show you just how different we are.

Our Philosophy

A Message from Our Owner

Until now, I can guess what your experience has been with companies providing contracted guard service. I had the same problems and frustrations that you are most likely facing, including a lack of professionalism and communication, no relationship with the providers, sleeping guards, late guards, and guards whose appearance led me to believe they just walked out of a cave. It would have been comical had I not been paying so much for their services.

These experiences led me to bringing security in house, which had its own set of problems, frustrations and expenses. While our guards were on time, professional and made better decisions we began to struggle with managing them collectively and with the expense, which was much more than I anticipated. It seemed for a while that there was no answer to this issue of securing our property.

It was during this time that I decided to get into the security business. I believed that anyone who was currently using a security contractor was experiencing the same problems, and that I had found some of the solutions.

Nearly all security companies claim to be different, ‘not your average security company’; yet you are still dealing with the same problems. WE ARE DIFFERENT, you may have even begun to notice this just going through our website.

Our representatives are professional, clean cut and well spoken. They are also very good at following up with you; they believe (as I do) that business is about relationships. Even if you choose not to do business with us, you will find them continuing to build a relationship. This is one small difference among many you will learn about us. Many of the differences are outlined in this website.

Please take the time to review our website in order to get to know our company and how we can provide exactly what you are looking for – a professional company who will do exactly what their fancy website claims they will do.