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There is a ton of work that goes into putting together a successful trade show or corporate event. With so many things to prepare often security is considered last in the planning stages and ends up being yet another thing to deal with. As Las Vegas’ most experienced protective service company, we are your one-call solution for all of your trade show security needs. Having worked with most of Vegas’ venues, we understand their specific requirements and can help you comply and handle all of the show’s security planning and execution needs.
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Better Protective Services for More Successful Trade Shows

Expect more from your experience with security for show date – officers should have answers to simple questions such as where the restrooms are or how to get to the next show hall or where a particular booth is located. Expect reports on just how each officer performed and issues that came up and how they were resolved. Don’t settle for less, call Rock Security today.

Rock Security has a deep roster of high-quality security officers that are both security and customer-service minded. Additionally our pre-convention training and post-convention reporting make us the ideal choice for your next trade show.

Our Clients

From office towers, HOAs, national events, executive protection and more, we’ve provided both small businesses and national brands with the protective services they need to protect their assets. Please contact us for a list of references.


  • San Diego ComiCon
  • Coachella
  • Rock & Roll Marathon
  • Electric Daisy Carnival
  • Spartan Races


  • Suncrest
  • Mountain’s Edge
  • Silverado
  • Badlands

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