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Here you will learn some of the ways by which we differentiate ourselves from our competition. However, these are just the results of our real differentiator – the thinking that lead to those innovative solutions. Our competition will eventually catch onto our systems and duplicate them. However, it is the thinking that lead to them that really sets us apart. We are always innovating, improving and pushing ourselves to be the very best Las Vegas security service.

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From real-time reporting and video documentation to unmatched officer training and customer service, we go further than any other security company to ensure that your property is protected properly while giving you the information you need, when you need it—now. Our reporting system provides instant access to reports that are complete, easy to read and searchable. These reports are updated in real time and read daily by our managers!

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At locations where it is appropriate our officers are given a video camera. They use the camera to take video documentation of trespassers, property damage, difficult indviduals, incidents and any other relevant events.

We care about our officers. One look at our officer page will give you insight into just how much we care. Our officers are able to earn paid time off, prizes and even tickets to our annual company retreat.

Training, Training, Training. We provide a complete consistent training program for officers of all levels. These programs provide officers opportunities to push themselves to be the very best they can.

We care about our community. Our company management and officers consistently give time to the community service organizations that we support.

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Dispatch/Office: 702.586.7982
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