Training – Report Writing

Report writing is a vital function for all security officers. This training bulletin will discuss some important areas and components which should be included in your reports.

Reports must always be accurate, complete, and legible. They should be objective, never reflecting bias. Remember, your reports are read by many people and may become an official document in our legal system. Some of the organizations and people that may read your reports are the employing client, personnel from ROCK SECURITY, the police, private and government attorneys, insurance companies, the media, and the public.

When writing a report, remember to respond to every inquiry on the report form. If a response is not necessary or inappropriate write “N/A” for not applicable in the provided space. In composing a hand written report please use all capital letters.

The narrative portion of the report should be written in a clear, concise, and chronological manner answering the questions: WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW.

The suggested format for the narrative is as follows:

SOURCE:  How did you get assigned the report?

Did you observe the event?   Did you receive a radio call? Were you hailed or flagged down?

TIME: OBSERVATIONS:  Time dispatched to call and arrival time. What did you observe at the event?

Example, ransacking, forced entry, victim of an assault, traffic accident with vehicles in the roadway, weather conditions, etc.

BODY OF THE REPORT: Give an account of the incident or crime by going through the sequence of events in a logical manner. Each report must be unique to the incident. Address method of operation, evidence, if any, and give overview of the scene. Be thorough

STATEMENTSWitness, victim, or suspects statements.  Make appropriate distinctions.  If you are “quoting” or “substantially relating” what was said to you.  Don’t confuse fact and hearsay. Hearsay is third party communications.

SUSPECT DESCRIPTIONBe as detailed as possible.

Physical characteristics:

male/female, Black, White, Hispanic, age, height, weight, eye & hair color,scars, marks, tattoos, clothing worn, left or right handed, etc.


PROPERTY TAKEN: What was taken from the location, serial numbers and identifying characteristics?  Be as descriptive as possible.

REQUESTS:  Things you are requesting to be done: any follow-up required photos to be taken, or additional witnesses to be interviewed, etc.

You should understand that your report is our key deliverable to our clients; many know you through your reports and understand our effectiveness as a security provider through the lens of these reports.

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