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While not appropriate for every location, our video surveillance security is a versitile option for adding to the quality of reports from our officers. We originally anticipated charging a premium for this service, however we’ve found that it is a fantastic tool for keeping our officers safe and providing documenation that eliminates he said/she said scenarios.
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Applications  of  Video  Reporting

  • INCIDENT REPORTINGOfficers are able to video incidents in progress, the aftermath or even suspicious persons or situations.
  • PREVENTIONIf an officer feels that something isn’t right or someone looks suspicious they can take a video clip of an area at that time. Individuals intending malicious activity will often be deterred believing they’ve been caught and are on tape.
  • PROPERTY DAMAGEDocumenting incidents of property damage with the video camera helps communicate the issue to all parties involved: the police, insurance companies, property owners, and management and their supervisors.
  • PROOF OF PRESENCEMany companies use sytems that generate a spreadsheet showing what area of the property the guard was in at what time. While useful, these tools do not provide a complete picture. Officers use the video camera in a similar manner, which provides not only a time stamp and proof of location, but also a visual proof of the status of the property at that time.In response or patrol situations, the video clip is taken when arriving on the property to show the exact status of the property at the time of arrival.

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