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One of the biggest complaints our clients had prior to using our service was the quality of the security reports created for them. After all this is our deliverable product, the result of an 8, 10 or 12 hour shift. These reports are handwritten by the officer on duty and delivered to management. Often these reports are illegible, incoherent, and incomplete. This is a problem that our industry has struggled with for a long time.

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Instantaneous  Reporting

Our answer to this challenge is our online reporting system. Rather than rely on each officer to handwrite a report, these reports are called into our dispatch office. The dispatchers log these reports into an access controlled website. These reports are updated in real time, they are searchable and we have the ability to associate media (video, pictures, audio) with each incident.

In this way, we work hard to train  our dispatchers on reporting methods and techniques. Rather than having to train and rely on all of our officers for this we have a small specialized group trained specifically for reporting purposes. If our officers in the field do not provide enough information, the dispatchers are able to ask the officers for more detail to include in the reports.

With traditional reports, calls made into the dispatch office are rarely included in the report. Our dispatchers log every call made to the office; they even have the ability to post the messages left on our message line.

Access to the web reporting system is controlled with separate login credentials which allow us to control different levels of access. For example we can allow an Home Owners Association board access to reports on their particular community; while we can allow the HOA management company access to all of the communities they manage that use our services.

We can change, add or delete log in credentials upon request easily managing access for clients that have changing needs.

This system has been a fantastic tool for receiverships, home owners associations, apartment complexes, commercial property managers, construction sites, and special events.

A Real Time Security Example

We had been working with a client for quite some time before rolling out our web reporting system; we transitioned to the online system while still working with this client.This client was a receivership for a property that was in the process of foreclosure. The groups who had an interest in the property were in the middle of a heated lawsuit. At one point in the suit they began to accuse each other of gaining advantage by visiting the property during the foreclosure process.This was not prohibited, but each visit was documented. The attorney for the lender requested visitation information on each of the individuals involved in the law suit. In a matter of seconds we were able to provide the information from the web reporting system; however it took us hours to scour a 24″ stack of paper reports. It quickly became apparent just how strong the web reporting system was in cases of litigation.

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